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10 Pricing Tips

Pricing Your Home For Sale Can Be Tricky
Posted by Steve Keefe on December 07, 2015 in  For Sellers
Pricing your home for sale can be tricky. When looking at numbers in the hundreds of thousands, it’s easy to be blasé about 10k here or there. But take a second to sit with the idea of what that money really means. If you throw a price at the market willy-nilly, you could easily miss out on a new car, a year of college tuition, a couple of luxury vacations, a down payment on another home or even a year’s salary.On the flip side, it wouldn’t be hard to be whitewashed by optimism and price yo... read more

13 Points About Price Reductions

Posted by Steve Keefe on December 10, 2015 in  Broker Advice  For Sellers
1. The Worry Price – “you want to price your home at a price where when the buyer looks at it they are worried that someone will want it too” 2. The Price Point– “people don’t search in 3’s and 8’s they search in 100’s and 50’s, get your price under a major price point, imagine you are on and the categories are preset” 3. Heart Attack-“At what price does your heart stop?” 4. Cash deal today &nd... read more

Fish out of Water

Posted by Steve Keefe on December 09, 2015 in  Broker Advice  For Buyers  For Sellers
The mountain communities are like an island elevated over 5000 feet in the air.  Selling property here on the mountain brings with it many unique and sometimes complicated issues that many agents who are not accustomed to selling here both are unaware of and ill equipped to deal with.  These issues can often create lingering liability to buyers, sellers and the real estate providers who are involved in the transaction.  The National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics prohibits Brokers and agents ... read more

Would You Fly With A Pilot That Hasn't Flown In Two Years??

Posted by Steve Keefe on December 10, 2015 in  For Sellers
Real estate is not something that can be done on a part-time basis.  Here are 5 reasons how a consumer is dis-advantaged if they choose to work with a part-time real estate agent.  A real estate agents main focus is to sell.  Therefore it is important to find an agent that will focus full time on your real estate needs.  There is a fiduciary responsibility to you the customer to that is owed.   You have every right to ask the real estate agent if they are part time or full time.  If ... read more