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Would You Fly With A Pilot That Hasn't Flown In Two Years??

Posted: December 10, 2015 by Steve Keefe

Real estate is not something that can be done on a part-time basis.  Here are 5 reasons how a consumer is dis-advantaged if they choose to work with a part-time real estate agent.  A real estate agents main focus is to sell.  Therefore it is important to find an agent that will focus full time on your real estate needs.  There is a fiduciary responsibility to you the customer to that is owed.


You have every right to ask the real estate agent if they are part time or full time.  If an agent says they can work part time and fulfill you needs for your real estate transactions, know that they can’t.  No one unless fully engaged in the business will be able to represent you they way you deserve.


  • If a real estate agent is working part time, he or she likely has another job and does not have the time or commitment to focus on quality.  Instead they are likely attempting to get as much done in the least amount of time. They cut corners.
  • You as a seller need some who is full time marketing and promoting your home to maximize the exposure.  The less time the agent is spending on selling your home, the longer it is on the market which loses you money.
  • Part time agents rarely take the time to maintain their training.  The real estate industry is changing daily.  Agents committed to their business and clients invest time to keep up with the changing trends in the industry.  Part time agents don’t have time… most agents for that matter don’t take the time.  This costs you the client money. 
  • Buyers and sellers need their agent when they need them.  Part time agents don’t have the flexibility or availability that provides maximum results.  If the agent is not working, when the opportunity to do a deal arises, the client loses.
  • How would having a brain surgeon operate on you that does it on the side, or would you consider hiring a pilot that hasn’t flown in 2 years.  Real estate is a profession, and it is hard.  It can’t be done effectively in this market part time.


Purchasing or selling a home can be one of the most significant transactions some of us will ever make.  You deserve to have someone standing by your side who is professional, knowledgeable, effective, and available.  Whenever something is done part time, it is done part way.  In real estate doing something part way does not accomplish the objective… the sale.  There are many buyers and sellers who have chosen agents who have been unable to “do the deal”.  Choose wisely, you win… not choosing wisely, you lose.

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